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The 3 Main Missions of Remedy For Humanity…

In the introduction of the TRFH Bylaws it states in part...

All provisions herein are declared to be subject to the Word and Character of God's Love which is His Design Law to every possible extent incorporated herein by reference as a whole and unless otherwise stated to be found in the King James Version, "The Remedy Bible" and the "Book of Heaven" as it is known by Native Americans and the Indigenous Nations worldwide. Let us come and reason together in understanding the Truth of the sayings of God to men as found from His Word for every Nation, Tribe, Family, and Language. To that end, The Remedy for Humanity has three main missions, same as in the Trinity.

Native New Health


An innovative series of health programs designed for Native Tribes by Native People.

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Come and Reason


Dr. Timothy Jennings dedicated to helping you learn to discern, to stimulate you to think, to help hone and refine your reasoning powers.

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Humanitarian Projects


Remedy for Humanity projects to build out affordable housing within a community or help families with housing.

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