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Timothy R. Jennings

Humanitarian Projects

Jobs and Affordable Housing

Helping to create Jobs and Affordable Housing. Remedy for Humanity projects to build out affordable housing within that community or help families with housing.

Humanitarian Project Funding Focus Areas…

The TRFH is focused on addressing the most acute needs in areas that have the potential to be solved by innovation in one or more of the following five areas:

1. Safe Water and Sanitation

Bold ideas, technologies, processes and approaches that enable rapid provision of safe water and safe disposal of waste and sewage in the most vulnerable households and/or enable implementers to rapidly scale up programs.

2. Energy

Compelling ideas to generate energy, particularly alternative energy solutions that are possible to set up and maintain in special situations, and that power lifesaving and life-improving services such as health, information, water and sanitation, and education.

3. Life-Saving Information

Innovative ways to improve access to information and data to increase the impact of humanitarian assistance at the local level as well as enable more effective connections between affected populations and humanitarian actors.

4. Health Products and Services

New approaches to healthcare that enable one of the following services:  Support non-experts to provide quality care;
 Empower skilled staff who choose to work internationally;
 Allow faster and cheaper distribution of quality health supplies in mission fields;
 Enable affected communities to manufacture or reuse high quality supplies.

5. Affordable Housing, making housing accessible to everyone by build housing units to serve lower income populations. Proposed Solution: Provide project developers with humanitarian funding that create small subdivisions fully self-contained with income producing farms within the communities.

A TRFH project director for each project will be assigned.

BSIX Odyssey California /TRFH project director, Mike Carpenter
Nevada's Gateway /TRFH project director, Gary Anderson
Idaho Agriculture, Energy and Water /TRFH project director, Mike Carpenter
Blue Water Aquaculture /TRFH project director, Gary Kean
Black Oak Farms /TRFH project director, Gary Kean
Blue Water Bay /TRFH project director, Gary Kean
URBAN WEST ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT /TRFH project director, Gary Anderson/dp
Lupins, Plant Proteins/Shasta Farms /TRFH project director, Lee Stortz/sc
Agriburbia / TRFH project director, Richard Jackson
Defytime Fiji Public Benefit Trust /TRFH project director, Don Hargreaves
Philippines - Global Sanitation /TRFH project director, Tom Sawyer
Philippines - Affordable Housing / TRFH project director, Donna Costa
Green World Energy /TRFH project director, Gary Anderson
Symbiotic Plant Farms /TRFH project director, Clark Smith
Tafoya Medical Center /TRFH project director, Gary Anderson
G7G railway /TRFH project director, Randy Ziesenis

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